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New Jersey Water Agency Response Network
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NEW! NJWARN: Changes to Membership Requirements


NJWARN has recently implemented various administrative changes to allow becoming an active member easier than ever.

In an effort to expand membership status and the resource sharing network, NJWARN no longer requires an executed Mutual Aid Agreement, or the use of the State’s Resource Directory Database for inventorying system-specific resources.

Participation in NJWARN is voluntary, and being an active member does not impose an obligation to respond to a request.  In addition, there is no direct cost to be a member of the Network, and administration of NJWARN is fully supported by the NJDEP and NJWA.

All that you need to do is complete a membership application.  Your willingness to promote a rapid response for resource needs (i.e. equipment, materials, personnel, etc.) is the only other expectation.

Please visit the “Become an active member” tab under the main page, and complete and submit the NJWARN Application.


Being an active member provides your utility with additional resiliency to respond and recover to large scale emergency events.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Plant Flooded

NJWARN is a statewide Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN) of “utilities helping utilities” to prepare for the next natural or human-caused emergency. The purpose of a WARN is to provide a method whereby water/wastewater utilities that have sustained or anticipate damages from natural or human-caused incidents can provide and receive emergency aid and assistance in the form of personnel, equipment, materials, and other associated services as necessary from other water/wastewater utilities. The objective is to provide rapid, short term deployment of emergency services to restore the critical operations of the affected water/wastewater utility. Participation is voluntary; there is no obligation to respond, and there is no direct cost to be a member of the network.


Why do we need NJWARN?

Water and wastewater systems provide our communities with a life-sustaining resource that is of vital importance to maintaining public health, sanitation and safety. When water and wastewater services are interrupted for extended periods of time, a community’s well-being quickly deteriorates, as evidenced by Hurricane Katrina. And without an adequate water supply, our communities are vulnerable to devastating fires. By restoring water and wastewater service in the most efficient manner possible, NJWARN provides renewed hope for fast recovery from such disasters.

How does NJWARN Help?

NJWARN provides water and wastewater utilities with:

  • A Mutual Aid Agreement and process for sharing emergency resources among water and wastewater agencies statewide.
  • A mutual assistance program consistent with other statewide mutual aid and assistance programs and the National Incident Management System.
  • The resources to respond and recover more quickly from a natural or human caused disaster.
  • A forum for developing and maintaining emergency contacts and relationships.

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