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What's New @ NJWARN

5/13/14 - Website updated to reflect administrative changes regarding membership requirements.


4/1/2014 - Steering Committee votes to approve major changes to the administrative processes that affect becoming an NJWARN member.  Summary of Changes: 1) Execution of MAA is now optional and it is no longer a mandatory requirement to have a signed MAA.  2) Inventorying system specific resources within the State’s Resource Directory Database has been discontinued; and 3) Requesting resources using the standardized terminology established in the FEMA/AWWA Resource Typing Manual is suggested but no longer required.  Use of common terminology is acceptable.  NJWARN support personnel will establish your request in using both formats: Common Terminology and Resource Typing Descriptions.



5/5/2010 - The NJWARN has obtained 6 systems that have signed an MAA. Have you signed on?


3/23/2010 - New Link Added to Useful Resources link. A link to River Observations from National Weather Service.



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